How Bon Déjeuner! Radio Earns Millions of Impressions And Thousands of Listeners Worldwide?

August 15, 2020

With more than one million stream plays a week, the internet radio station named ‘Bon Déjeuner! Radio‘ is on its way to make history by reaching out to millions of people around the world by streaming music, news, and also Pop culture & Society live on air on the internet. 

“The internet radio station has its own Chart ranked list called ‘Bon Déjeuner! Radio- Top 10‘ and it is a popular Chart ranked list service that is published weekly in order to keep its listeners update about the Artists on top of the charts and more”, said entrepreneur ‘Werley Nortreus‘, the CEO and Founder of Ceraphin Corporation and the CEO & Founder of Ceraphin Publishing Group.

Bon Déjeuner! Radio currently has listeners or fans in 50 countries around the world and it has more than 60 million impressions as its growing every day. The internet radio station currently has 5 subsidiaries or daughter companies named (Café Kréyòl Show, Bon Déjeuner Music- Top 10, Bon Déjeuner- Radio 1, Bon Déjeuner- Radio 2, Café Kréyòl Festival) and each subsidiary has a role and goal to accomplish in today society. 

Now it is earning millions of impressions and thousands of listeners worldwide.